Providing the best possible experience for our guests means being a valuable resource and an informed expert on the best things to do in Toronto. With our The Roehampton Hotel Expert Guides to the City, we offer a variety of Guides for every interest and type of traveler to ensure we keep our guests in the loop about local events, attractions, and activities.

The Roehampton Hotel's Guide to Fall and Winter in Toronto

If you’re not from Toronto, there’s a good chance you might’ve heard some not-so-nice things about the fall and winter in our city. And it’s not entirely unfounded. Toronto can be pretty chilly when the summer fades away. But for those in the know, Toronto is a winter wonderland full of unique and exciting activities and destinations. Torontonians have learned not only to embrace the cold, but to celebrate it! And if you’re willing to join them in braving the temperatures, you’ll quickly learn that the city comes to life when it’s cold outside. Here is our comprehensive guide on how to maximize your time in Toronto during the fall and winter.

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The Roehampton Hotel's Ultimate Business Traveler's Guide to Toronto

From client meetings to conferences, business travel is busy by nature. Time is at a premium when you’re on the road for work and, at The Roehampton Hotel, we know that time spent searching for the necessities in an unfamiliar city could be better spent on more productive tasks. Knowing where to find exactly what you need when you’re on the road means less time searching and more time focusing on what’s important. For everything you might need, take a look at our Business Traveler’s Guide to Toronto

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The Roehampton Hotel's Ultimate Guide to Midtown Toronto

Toronto is truly a city of neighborhoods, each with its own unique identity and offering of experiences. Spanning roughly from Bloor Street to the south, Lawrence Avenue to the North, Bayview Avenue to the east and Ossington Avenue to the west, Toronto’s Midtown is a neighborhood which has been steadily on the rise in recent years. It’s also the neighborhood that The Roehampton Hotel calls home! Midtown Toronto offers a number of outstanding attractions, restaurants and activities suitable for visitors of all interests.

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